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from £1.93

Convenient USB hub with four ports.

from £2.17

USB hub with 4 ports. Output: 5V-1A. USB version 2.0.

from £2.57

Gaia 4-port USB hub. 4 port rectangular USB hub with foldable input port. HIPS Plastic.

from £2.69

Round 4-port USB hub. 4 port round USB hub with input port inserted inside. Packed in a joined bubble bag. Plastic.

from £3.76

2.0 USB hub with 3 ports, with USB-A and Type-C input. ABS Plastic.

from £4.10

Aluminium USB hub with 4 ports. USB version 2.0, output 5V.

from £4.65

Anti-stress fidget spinner including three USB ports. This item is ideal for students and for the office, mixing functionality with stress relief.

from £4.78

Multi-function desktop pen holder with four LED backlighted display and two light modes. This multi-functional pen pot acts as a USB hub with four ports to charge multiple devices, stationary holder and phone/tablet stand. Ideal for use in the office, adding a modern twist to the standard pen pot.

from £6.03

Multi-function desktop USB port with three USB outputs and a built-in phone and tablet stand. This port has a large branding area especially designed for laser engraving with a single LED backlight display and the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Ideal for use in the office.

from £6.84

Plastic 2.0 USB hub with four coloured ports, the cable is approximately 84 cm.

from £21.37

Retangular USB hub in aluminum housing with 4-USB ports. Compatible with USB 3.1 gen 1 up to 5 GB/s data transmission and downward compatible with lower versions. 10 times faster than USB 2.0 in handling data. Maximum 900mA downstream charging per port and max 3A downstream charging across all USB-A ports. Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker. Aluminium, ABS Plastic.



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